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Currency Name Address Add to wallet
WJXN Wrapped JXN 0xca1262e77fb25c0a4112cfc9bad3ff54f617f2e6
HST Haber-Stornetta Token 0xd6AF849b09879a3648d56B5d43c6e5908a74CA83


HST is a decimal token for JXN, a native token of the Jax.Network blockchain. It stands for Haber-Stornetta Token (HST). Such a name was picked with the purpose of honoring the two people who made gigantic input into the blockchain industry and are considered co-inventors of blockchain.

JXN is issued on top of the beacon chain of the Jax.Network blockchain. It has a fixed reward per block and can be used for speculative purposes and as a store of value.

WJXN is a Layer-2 representation of JXN. Each WJXN is backed by JXN at a 1:1 rate.

HST currently supports only Binance Smart Chain.

Contract address: 0xd6AF849b09879a3648d56B5d43c6e5908a74CA83

To pay for smaller yields of WJXN.

To promote the first NFTs based on the history of blockchain technology.

To speculate on a close-to-zero-value token.

There are three ways to get HST:

  • from an exchange
  • as yield via liquidity programs
  • swap WJXN for HST.

Each HST is equal to 0.00000001 WJXN as per the swap contract on wrapped.jax.net.

You can exchange HST to WJXN anytime using the swap contract on wrapped.jax.net. Then you can trade WJXN on DEXs depending on available trading pairs at that moment. Once listed on CEXs, users will be able to sell HST directly.